Skip Tracing


Skip tracing is a technique used by CV&W Investigations to trace and locate people who have disappeared, whether intentionally, or not. Skip tracing is a service that involves collecting as much information as possible about people who are missing, and then analyzing and verifying the information in order to locate them. Individuals who perform this service are often called skip tracers

  • adopted children and adults who want to find their biological parents
  • runaways who have drug or alcohol addictions, or are fleeing abuse
  • a parent or spouse who has gone missing after divorce, or because of domestic abuse, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction or other problem
  • children and adults looking for a parent who left when they were very young
  • friends or family members who have lost touch over the years
  • childhood friends or classmates, or college or university friends who have lost touch or moved away
    former co-workers

Skip tracing for lawyers

Lawyers often retain the services of CV&W Investigations to find individuals who are involved in a legal issue. Sometimes these individuals do not know they need to be found or sometimes they have disappeared intentionally. These cases involve:

  • an individual who is a witness in a trial
  • individuals who owe money
  • individuals who left because of legal problems
  • individuals who are named as beneficiaries or heirs in a Will or life insurance policy
  • recipients in a class action suit
  • clients, plaintiffs or defendants in a lawsuit where court documents need to be served on them (e.g. in a divorce case, involved in a car accident)
  • former spouses who owe child or spousal support
  • spouses who have abandoned their partner, or children