Surveillance Vehicle Customizing


Custom built surveillance vehicles and modifications to Cars, Vans and SUV’s

Specializing in:

  • Customizing the vehicle inside and out to any requirement from electrical to mechanical to appearance.
  • On-board independent heating system, 12″ long x 4″ x 4″ high x wide gas or diesel powered 12 volt heater with variable temperature and fan speed settings. This heater is indepandant from the vehicle engine thus no need to idle and use excess fuel, decrease wear and tear on the engine, catalytic converter oil life, ellimination of noticeable exhaust during surveillance, no frosting up of windows due to the heater maintains and keeps the vehicle warm at a constant temperature. The heater can be installed anywhere throughout the vehicle behind panels etc. abd can be removed and re-installed in another vehicle.
  • Upgraded independent electrical power distribution of 12 v and 120 volt systems. Add extra outlets to power 12 volt items
  • Installation of 120 volt hidden inverter and outlets throughout the vehicle to allow for plug in and avoid multiple cables ruuning to one area
  • Additional Battery mods. with back up power grid, Installation of additional batterries to decrease the need to start engine to charge batterry and prevent draining the batterry to a point where there is not enough power to turn the starter.
  • On-board charging system and 120 volt power interface throughout vehicle from an outside source when stationary allows vehicle to utilize 120 volts DC fro a wall outlet. Simply plug the vehicle in and have 120 volts through out.
  • Removable window black out mod.
  • Custom built interior conversion for long term surveillance, this can include custom built cabinets, subfloor with storage to installing reversible seating so that one can see and do surveillance by watching through the back of the vehicle
  • Installation of in-dash GPS/Navigation/stereo/LCD with internet and WIFI
  • Custom built heated water tank for showering
  • Custom built removable storage cabinets
  • Custom built rear sub-floor with storage

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